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Ticket Design

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Promote Concerts and Parties With Custom Event Ticket Printing

Make your event even more memorable with Visual Conceptionz custom event ticket printing. These prints are often complementary to other marketing materials such as event posters and flyers. Tickets serve as gate a pass for various events such as concerts, parties, exhibits, and auctions.

Event tickets come with optional perforations and sequential numbering, printed on our standard size – (W) 5.5″ x (H) 2.75″. We do perforations to allow easy separation of two sections of the material, allowing the paper to be torn along the line. The other half of the tickets are kept as souvenirs from the event. Sequential numbering is important in keeping track of the headcount and financial reports.

  • Turn around time on the design is 1 –5 business days.**WEEKENDS ARE NOT INCLUDED**
  • After approval on the design, Print turnaround time is 4 – 7 Business Days
  • Turn around time can vary if all items for the project are not included in email or order form.
  • If a revision is needed please allow 24 – 48 hours from request to update.